English to russian dating phrases

Below are some typically used Russian phrases with phonetic transcriptions and audio. [Ya ne gava`ryu pa-`ruski, no mi `smozhem ab`shchatsya `cherez pere`vodchika] interpreter Thank you very much for the information. [Bal`shoe spa`siba za infar`matsiu] information I’m grateful for your help. [Ya blaga`daren Vam za `pomashch] help Good-bye (formal) / До свидания [Da svi`daniya] goodbye Bye (informal) / Пока [Pa`ka] bye See you tomorrow.


Поцелуй меня, дорогая Ne hochesh’ zajti ko mne poshalit’? ” Here, the Russians can possibly start thinking than you are an idiot. ” If you going to say that while having a phone conversation to a Russian, instead of understanding it as if “cool, mate! Again, the literary meaning is “to take away a shower from someone”. No-one in it’s right mind would like to stand right behind you. To take a shower “Забирать душ” When announcing to a Russian that you are going to take a shower, it might become dangerous to your health. Therefore, don’t be surprised, if after saying that one, your Russian mate will abruptly move away from you. ” Saying to a Russian person that something what he/she has done “is banging” will completely misguide the meaning. In other way, the provident Russians can start worring about you and initiate the shadowing. Not to make a wrong assumption of yourself, it would be smarter to stay “I’m talking on my phone! They might also wonder about the funerals of your phone to make you look even more silly. He/she will probably start shouting into the telephone, “Hello, hello! In this case, I kindly recommend to use a longer explanation, like “I think I need a shower. I remember when someone told me, “Yesterday I was pissing myself over that joke!

” In Russian it means: “I have turned off myself and afterwards I went to the shop.” In this case it’s better to avoid the slang and use a longer variant. Simply because the literally translation is that “you are sitting on your mobile device”. My phone died “Мой телефон умер” In this kind of situation, Russian people can assume that you are an absolute mobile phone addict. ”, the Russian native speak will believe that there’s something wrong with the phone reception. Accordingly, the Russian speaker will assume that you are going to steal one from him/her. During my first 2-3 weeks in UK, this was one of the most confusing phrases among all the new slang ones.

If you don't know how to say a word then check our alphabet in Russian which can be found on the menu above to get some help.



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