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Also, he likes talking to me, appreciates my perspective on things, and, oh yeah, loves me for me.Everyone deserves that, and no one deserves to be made to feel shame for taking pleasure in the world (and people) around them.Someone with different values than you can well find happiness with someone who has similar values to them.But unless you want to be that other person in a relationship with their partner, you're just allowing yourself to focus on the wrong things—and missing out on what else is around you."Sluts" (you know, women who have sex) are either incapable of love, or incapable of being loved—or both, really.

My husband got a lot of 'milk' before we were married, too, but he likes mine best.I know more about her than any of those good girls who never talk about their real selves.This openness that I share with her would really improve my relationship with women.If this topic is left quiet most likely the other person will find a secret life.

I've learned allot from her, and would like to some day spend the rest of my life with her.

It's much easier for women to stay in the closet until she really knows and trusts a man, which is typically never because most of you are not trustworthy.


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