Speed dating psychology research

Four talented students will have the opportunity to progress smoothly from their master’s study programme into a research career.

Master’s students in Applied Statistics can compete for one quarter of the € 800,000 grant recently awarded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

Heiser is a firm believer in the ‘student-centred approach’, which tends towards the American model, where a student transitions from a master’s programme into a self-chosen Ph D track.

In the Netherlands, former Minister of Education Ronald Plasterk was the person who introduced the American approach to Ph D candidates as students, rather than employees.

As for the speed-dating between master’s students and potential thesis supervisors, Heiser is curious about the outcome.

Heiser is not afraid of a bit of healthy competition: ‘Having to share the loot keeps you on your toes’, although he does hope to be able to supervise a Ph D project in what he refers to as his ‘injury time’.

He is delighted with the success of the grant application and the direct link between the research groups of the universities, all six of which were chosen on the basis of the 2012 research audits.


Aristotle argued that communication is goal oriented, and findings from Mongeau indicate that individuals go on dates with goal(s) in mind.

Whenever I talk to my students about speed dating, they appear to be judgmental and critical (as most of my students are of nontraditional dating methods, including online dating—a topic we’ll discuss in another blog).



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